Episode 73: Jack McLaughlin

Jack and TimJack McLaughlin was our guest. Jack is the younger brother of our very own Tim McLaughlin. It was Jack’s birthday, so as his gift, Tim gave him is own episode because he is a huge fan the podcast. Jack talked about what it was like growing up with an older brother like Tim and how amazing it is that he didn’t grow up to be a serial killer. Caleb Synan sat in on the panel with us, which was a special treat. Caleb is a hilarious comedian who finished second in this year’s prestigious Laughing Skull Comedy Festival.

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Episode 72: Happy Father’s Day

Dad PosterIn honor of Father’s Day, our guest was Scott Bowers who happens to be the father of our very own Chris Bowers.  He paid us a visit while visiting from his home in Canada.  As you’ll hear, he’s greatly responsible for who Chris Bowers is today.  He shared stories from Chris’ childhood so that we got to not only learn about Scott Bowers the dad, we got to learn more about Chris Bowers the son.  The world is full of great dads and Scott is definitely one of the best.  So, here’s something to help make your Father’s Day even better.  Enjoy!

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Episode 71: Jeff Oskay

Jeff Oskay 3Jeff Oskay was our guest.  Jeff is a hilarious and talented comedian who lives right here in Indianapolis.  He’s a writer for The Bob & Tom Show, as well as a frequent guest on the show.  He’s one of our favorite comedians in the area so we wanted you to learn more about him.  Jeff is a superstar-single dad who has a very interesting back story.  We talked about his previous career as a stock broker and how he gave it all up to open his own coffee shop, which eventually lead to a career in standup comedy and working for The Bob & Tom Show.

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Episode 70: Greg Warren

Greg WarrenGreg Warren was our guest.  Greg has been seen on “Comedy Central Presents”, “The Late Late Show” and“Last Comic Standing”.  He’s also a favorite on the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom” radio show, which led him to tour theatres across the country with the “Friends of Bob and Tom Comedy Tour”.  We talked about Greg’s successful high school and college wrestling career, his career at Proctor and Gamble, and his journey from open mic’r to the amazing comedian that we know today.  We’re all big fans of Greg so this was a real treat.

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Episode 69: Mike Merryfield

Mike Merryfield IrrelevantMike Merryfield was our guest. Mike is a very talented comedian and the host of the hit podcast “Irrelevant with Mike Merryfield”. He was also the winner of season 3 of Comcast’s Trial By Laughter. He was the runner up in the 2012 37th Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition, and he’s one of the original “Lucky 21” at the HBO Comedy Festival. We talked about why he’s much happier than he used to be, how his social media backfired on the witness stand, and our good friend John Conroy made a special guest appearance.

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Episode 68: Pete Dominick

Pete Dominick

Pete Dominick was our guest. Pete was The Audience Warm Up Comic for Stephen Colbert for over 6 seasons and 1000 tapings. He also worked at over 200 episodes of The Daily Show. He left Colbert in March 2010 to do a nightly segment on CNN JohnKingUSA then went back in Oct 2011 and left for good in January 2013 to focus on his new morning radio show at SIRIUSXM “StandUp with Pete Dominick”. It was awesome to have him on the show and being the master interviewer that he is, it was more like the four of us were guests on his show.

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Episode 67: Tom Simmons II

Tom Simmons

Tom Simmons graced us with his presence a second time which made us all very happy. Tom is one of our favorite comedians and he’s a dear friend. We all look up to Tom and we love when he comes to town to hang out. We got to hear about his close call with having a second child and we explored a little with what he thinks is wrong with the world. Tom has twice been a finalist in The Boston Comedy Festival, he’s won the Sand Francisco Comedy Festival, and you’ve seen him on Showtime and Comedy Central. Ladies and Gentlemen, our friend, Tom Simmons.

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Episode 66: Conor Delehanty

Conor Delehanty

Conor Delehanty was our guest.  Conor is a very talented comedian from Indianapolis who moved to Chicago to further his career.  He’s a good friend of the show and he happens to be one of our biggest fans so it was very cool having him on.  We just sat around the table and had a good damn time.  The highlight of the episode was Conor’s impression of “Black Bowers”.  This is a good one so check it out.


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Episode 65: Brian Moote

Brian Moote

Brian Moote was our guest.  He started performing stand up in 2005 while he was working as a teacher in the Seattle School District.  After graduating with his Master’s Degree in Social Work he moved to LA and now tours the country telling jokes.  He has made TV appearances on the USA Network’s “Characters Welcome,” Nickelodeon’s “Nickmom’s Nite Out,” MTV’s “Money from Strangers” and AXS TV’s “Gotham Live.”  He’s a good friend of the show and a favorite at Morty’s Comedy Joint.

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Episode 64: Michael Malone

MaloneMichael Malone was our guest.  Michael was named Campus Activities Magazine’s Top Comedy Performer of 2013 and the “Hot Comic to Watch in 2013”.  He was also the winner of the prestigious 33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition in 2012.  He’s a very dear friend of the show and we’re very proud of his success.  Michael is formerly of Indianapolis, Indiana but he now lives in Los Angeles.  Listen as we discuss what it was like for him to grow up as the small town “fat kid” who lost his father at a very young age and the challenges he is facing as he tries to bring these stories to the stage.

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