Episode 31: Ms. Pat & Friends – Live at Morty’s Comedy Joint

Ms PatComedians Ms. Pat, Michael Malone, DJ Dangler, and Justin Foster joined the crew of The TNT Dynamite Party Hour for a live recording at Morty’s Comedy Joint in Indianapolis.  That’s a lot of funny people for one podcast and YES…things got out of control very quickly!  This episode is not for the faint of heart but it certainly wasn’t short on laughs.  Ms. Pat educated the panel and audience on what life is like growing up in the hood which provided the rest of the panel plenty of ammunition to fire away!  This episode is chaotic, relentless, raw, and freaking hilarious!

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Episode 20: Live at Morty’s Comedy Joint with Michael Malone

Malone3Recorded live at Morty’s Comedy Joint. A simulcast of both The TNT Dynamite Party Hour and The Michael Malone Show! It was recorded after Michael Malone’s special event at Morty’s. Not only did we get to have Michael Malone on this episode but we also had one of our favorite comedians, DJ Dangler, and Michael’s buddy, Ryan Brewer who’s a very talented singer/songwriter from LA. Ryan sings two songs at the end of this podcast that will blow you away! This guy’s awesome so keep your eye on him. This was our first time in front of a live audience and it went great! This was, without a doubt, our favorite episode and we think it will be yours as well.

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