Episode 76: No Sex Talk!

NO SEX TALK this episode.  We heard from a couple of fans that were concerned that the new version of this podcast was going to be completely dedicated to sex talk.  That was only two episodes and we felt like we needed to thoroughly explore Miguel’s adventurous new sex life with his lovely girlfriend Amy.  So, we did it and now we’re done.  This episode is dedicated to catching up with each other’s week and Todd’s son Bailey was home for college so he sat in with the crew.

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Episode 75: Butt Stuff

We named this episode “Butt Stuff”. Once you get through the first 17 minutes you’ll see why. This episode features Todd McComas, Chris Bowers, Miguel Dalmau, Austin Reel, Seth Johnson and special guest Amy Corsaro. Amy is 8 months pregnant, with Miguel’s child. Amy is a former stripper who hosted her own sex talk podcast. We all caught each other up on our week’s happenings, talked a little comedy and then we got some sex tips and knowledge dropped on us from Amy. We also dove deep into how Miguel’s sex life has changed since he met Amy and how Seth’s has not.

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Episode 74: We’re Back!

We’re Back! After a 16 month lay off, The TNT Dynamite Party Hour is back! Tim McGlaughlin and Kevin Hoover are not with us anymore. They’re still alive but they moved away so they’re not on the podcast anymore. So Todd McComas and Chris Bowers are doing it without them. In this episode, they introduce The Indianapolis Motorpugs. It’s a standup comedy team recently created and based in Indianapolis. This episode features 5 of the 9 members. It’s a great episode so listen in. The Indianapolis Motorpugs everyone!

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Episode 73: Jack McLaughlin

Jack and TimJack McLaughlin was our guest. Jack is the younger brother of our very own Tim McLaughlin. It was Jack’s birthday, so as his gift, Tim gave him is own episode because he is a huge fan the podcast. Jack talked about what it was like growing up with an older brother like Tim and how amazing it is that he didn’t grow up to be a serial killer. Caleb Synan sat in on the panel with us, which was a special treat. Caleb is a hilarious comedian who finished second in this year’s prestigious Laughing Skull Comedy Festival.

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Episode 72: Happy Father’s Day

Dad PosterIn honor of Father’s Day, our guest was Scott Bowers who happens to be the father of our very own Chris Bowers.  He paid us a visit while visiting from his home in Canada.  As you’ll hear, he’s greatly responsible for who Chris Bowers is today.  He shared stories from Chris’ childhood so that we got to not only learn about Scott Bowers the dad, we got to learn more about Chris Bowers the son.  The world is full of great dads and Scott is definitely one of the best.  So, here’s something to help make your Father’s Day even better.  Enjoy!

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Episode 71: Jeff Oskay

Jeff Oskay 3Jeff Oskay was our guest.  Jeff is a hilarious and talented comedian who lives right here in Indianapolis.  He’s a writer for The Bob & Tom Show, as well as a frequent guest on the show.  He’s one of our favorite comedians in the area so we wanted you to learn more about him.  Jeff is a superstar-single dad who has a very interesting back story.  We talked about his previous career as a stock broker and how he gave it all up to open his own coffee shop, which eventually lead to a career in standup comedy and working for The Bob & Tom Show.

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Episode 70: Greg Warren

Greg WarrenGreg Warren was our guest.  Greg has been seen on “Comedy Central Presents”, “The Late Late Show” and“Last Comic Standing”.  He’s also a favorite on the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom” radio show, which led him to tour theatres across the country with the “Friends of Bob and Tom Comedy Tour”.  We talked about Greg’s successful high school and college wrestling career, his career at Proctor and Gamble, and his journey from open mic’r to the amazing comedian that we know today.  We’re all big fans of Greg so this was a real treat.

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